Harwoods is an independent firm of Chartered Surveyors and Commercial Agents that specialise in and provide a wide range of services for our clients in the commercial/industrial sector.

The range of services provided include Agency where we deal with the sale and letting and acquisition of property. Commercial Management which deals with providing a full service to our clients for looking after and managing their property portfolios. Landlord and Tenant Matters which deals with rent reviews, lease renewals, professional services which provides valuations for security lending purposes, taxation issues, private and portfolio valuations and rating matters.

Our extensive knowledge of the commercial and industrial market helps our highly trained team to provide the professional services that are required by our clients.

Commercial Agency and Professional Matters

Agency Services Expand/Collapse

We act for clients who wish to sell or let their properties in the commercial/industrial and retail sectors. With our local knowledge we provide a full efficient and effective service to secure the sales or letting of the properties for our clients.

Acquisition of Property Expand/Collapse

We understand our clients requirements and we provide a service for them to secure the commercial and industrial property on their behalf to suit their business requirements.

Investment Property Expand/Collapse

We deal closely with our clients to enable them to fulfil their needs and requirements with regard to their property portfolios. This includes selling or acquiring investment property for them.

Valuation and Professional Services Expand/Collapse

Valuations for security purposes or individual requirements. We act for a number of banks, building societies, lending and financial institutions and value industrial/commercial properties on their behalf for security lending purposes.

We also provide valuations for individuals or companies for their industrial/commercial properties for their own needs and purposes.

Valuations for Accounting Purposes Expand/Collapse

Our highly skilled team of Chartered Surveyors carrying out valuations for businesses of their property for inclusion in their accounts in accordance with RICS Regulations.

Pension Fund Valuations Expand/Collapse

We undertake valuations of commercial property for various pension funds large and small of the property portfolios to comply with their acturial requirements.

Taxation Valuations Expand/Collapse

Preparing independent valuation for industrial/commercial property for matters such as probate, capital gains tax purposes, inheritance tax and other requirements.

Planning Expand/Collapse

We work closely with our clients over re-development of their existing properties or development of new sites for industrial/commercial premises.

Rating Expand/Collapse

We make rating appeals on behalf of our clients against the rateable value assessments issued by the Valuation Office in respect of industrial, commercial and retail premises.

Commercial Management and Landlord & Tenant

Lease Renewals and Rent Reviews Expand/Collapse

Our highly professional team of Chartered Surveyors acts for both landlord and tenants in dealing with lease renewals, rent reviews, serving appropriate notices under Landlord & Tenant Act as required and providing a full reporting advice service as needed. Also dealing with third party determinations as an expert witness or through arbitration.

Rent Collection Expand/Collapse

We provide a service on behalf of our landlord clients for collecting rent from their industrial/commercial properties which includes sending out rent demands as required and importantly making sure that rents are paid.

We also deal with service charge requirements on behalf of our landlords in respect of their properties.

Schedule of Dilapidations and Conditions Expand/Collapse

We undertake both Schedule of Dilapidations for landlords in respect of their premises to make sure that tenants comply with the terms of the leases and hand the properties back in good condition.

At the same time we also undertake Schedules of Condition principally for tenants who are proposing to take on a lease for industrial/commercial premises and need to understand the condition of the property from the outset.

Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy

Secretary - Commercial Agency

01933 441464